Insider Training

                   A dramedy short about
                   a brilliant young lawyer
                   interviewing for the job


                       A short about a man
             who has a bone to pick with LIFE


                    A comedy short where
                   a 'spiritual guru' explains
                 the importance of breathing


                    A dark comedy about
                   two loveable murderers

           A dark comedy/drama/thriller
                parodying famous films     

                    A comedy short about
                           a man, a bet,
                     and his long lost love     


                    Part 2 of a drama where
                     a mood altering device
                             goes wrong

             A sci-fi finale where one man
                must stop an alien invasion      
       *WATCH ME AT:  4 MINS 27 SECS


Car Jumper

                  Part 4 of a drama where
                    a mood altering device
                            goes wrong


                 An action series about a pro
                            Car Jumper
         *5 minutes of action - in a single take

6 Degrees

                   A comedy short where
                       Cult Leader Gary
             tries to recruit another member   

Paranormal Activity 5

           A heartwarming story about a man
                             and his life

Central City (pilot)

                   A comedy about a man
             dealing with an unwanted ghost

                 A comedy TV pilot about
              crew members at a TV festival