07.19.19 - Theatrical Reel
Time for some summer cleaning with a spiffy new reel

04.10.19 - Short Series _ BOXER
Hi everyone, I'm SO excited to release... BOXER

This is the first thing I've fully created/written/produced & I'm so grateful to the entire amazing cast & crew who worked hard to bring this project into existence! I hope you enjoy!

03.30.19 - Short Release _ Bleeding Out
I got to play a fun character, Detective Struthers, in Dave Segur’s hilarious Channel101 show, BLEEDING OUT

03.05.19 - Film Release _ Hard Surfaces
My latest film Hard Surfaces is released today!
Watch on Amazon, DirectTV, Vimeo On Demand, Fandango, Vudu, Dish/Sling

02.08.19 - Feature Film _ The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
Check out the new LEGO movie to hear my do some voices on the film, so much fun recording this one. “Stop whipping me Deborah!”

01.18.19 - Scene
A small scene I acted in for a friend’s reel
Click to watch:

01.13.19 - Short Film _ Actuary
Had a great time filming Matt Hill’s latest short film Actuary, where I play an AI robot.

01.04.19 - Feature Film _ Saving My Baby (LIFETIME)
My Lifetime movie SAVING MY BABY, where I play Detective Martin, premiers tonight!
Check out the trailer below:

10.15.18 - ADR _ Venum, First Man, A Star Is Born & Goosebumps 2
Very grateful to have worked on some big movies out now & can’t wait to see them all.
Super excited for others I’ve worked on like Vice & The Dirt coming up soon as well.

06.26.18 - Feature Film _ UP ON THE GLASS
Wrapped our feature Up On The Glass

05.31.18 - Feature Film _ UP ON THE GLASS
Headed to Michigan to begin principle photography on my next feature, Up On The Glass

Pleasure to work with friends & in Peter De Riemer's lovely scene.
I play a manic ex-safe cracker, enjoy.

03.12.18 - Feature Film _ HARD SURFACES
Was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Hard Surfaces at the Idyllwild International Film Festival of Cinema & the team brought home Best Film of the Festival, Best Director (Zach Brown), & Best Supporting Actress (Julia Voth) gold, congrats team!

12.21.17 - Feature Film _ EXPECTANT MOTHER
Just wrapped filming the Lifetime feature "Expectant Mother" today.  Had a great time filming Detective Martin with Michael Feifer and the amazing crew.

12.14.17 - Spec Scene _ Superposition
Filmed a scene from Aaron Moles’ “Superposition” today

10.29.17 - Short Film _ Getting The Old Team Back Together
Filmed a nice wholesome short film today with De Reimer & friends.  I play Regis - a good natured, manic, ex safe cracker.

09.29.17 - Feature Film PREMIERE _ Hard Surfaces
Had a great time at the premiere of my new movie HARD SURFACES at the Downtown LA Film Festival!  Next up is San Diego film & Winston Salem film festival

07.13.17 - Short Film _ Isabella & The Pot of Gold
Filming the AFI thesis film "Isabella & The Pot of Gold" - Lorenzo & Isabella

04.30.17 - Nominated for Best Supporting Actor - WorldFest Houston
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Critics' Choice Award) at this years WorldFest Houston Film Festival for my upcoming film The Moleskin Diary!  #SteveWinston #Winstoning

PS. We got to play with some animals on a day off from shooting

04.26.17 - For The Record PODCAST
Had the pleasure of being on For The Record: Shameless Promotion's Podcast.  Check it out here.

02.28.17 - Beverly Hills Magazine Interview: "Rising Hollywood Star"
Check out my Rising Hollywood Star interview for Beverly Hills Magazine.  Big thank you to @BevHillsMag & @IlluminationPR !

02.28.17 - Channel101 - Street Cleaning
I play Agent Lovely in episode 6 of Street Cleaning
Had a blast filming with these guys

02.18.17 - BOXER Premiere
My short series BOXER premiered this weekend for my wonderful cast & crew, screening at the amazing Open The Portal!

02.17.17 - ON THE ROCKS: VOD Release
My film On The Rocks is now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & Vudu!  Head over there to watch the film or buy a copy

02.03.17 - Feature Film PREMIERE - On The Rocks
My film ON THE ROCKS opened today at Laemmle Theater!  Available on iTunes & Amazon beginning February 10th

02.01.17 - LA WEEKLY
My film ON THE ROCKS just got reviewed in both LA Weekly

& the Los Angeles Times:

01.31.17 - LIFE & ON THE ROCKS
My short film LIFE won the Audience Choice Award at the Montgomery Film Festival this weekend!
My feature film ON THE ROCKS screened at the same festival as well.
Congrats to both our teams!

01.30.17 - MUTT & STUFF
My Fireman Fred episode airs today on Nickelodeon's

10.21.16 - MUTT & STUFF
Captain Otto is back on Nickelodeon's MUTT & STUFF
Airing today for the fun Halloween episode

I was just a rebound to her in Casey Donahue's DISCONNECTED

08.16.16 - MUTT & STUFF
Captain Otto is back shooting another episode of Nick Jr's Mutt & Stuff today

07.29.16 - MUTT & STUFF
My first episode as Otto the Pirate on Nick Jr's Mutt & Stuff
airs today!

07.11.16 - Photos
Headshot photo session with friend and talented photographer Matt Crum

06.02.16 - BOXER - scoring session
Beautiful orchestral session for the score of my series BOXER
Many thanks to my master composer Jason Castillo and the extraordinary musicians

05.27.16 - ON THE ROCKS - Mammoth Lakes Film Festival
Had a great time in Mammoth Lakes screening our film On The Rocks with the cast and crew!

04.15.16 - LIFE - short film
Here's a wonderful short film I had the pleasure to be apart of... LIFE

01.16.16 - PHOTOSHOOT
Caught some cool shots with photographer Matt Crum today

Some Highlights of 2015:

       12.16.15 - Filmed a 2nd Guest Star - MUTT N' STUFF (Nick Jr.)   
12.08.15 - Filmed a Guest Star - MUTT N' STUFF (Nick Jr.)   
                      11.18.15 - Filmed/Released Viral Video - PRINCESS RAP BATTLE             
            08.24.15 - Filmed the lead role in a Feature Film - ON THE ROCKS   
                                06.26.15 - Filmed a supporting lead in a Feature Film - THE MOLESKIN DIARY   
                                 03.30.15 - Filmed/Released starring role in comedy pilot - SITCOM: THE SITCOM
Completed 12 ADR Jobs throughout the year                             

12.09.15 - MUTT & STUFF - PART 2
Had a great time shooting day 1 of 3 of my guest star Captain Otto on Nick Jr.'s Mutt & Stuff

They liked my work as Captain Otto in this episode,
So they want me as another character Fireman Fred on the next episode, the day after I wrap Otto.

Thanks Marty, Bradley, and the whole Mutt & Stuff gang

12.08.15 - MUTT & STUFF
I am shooting 3 days as a guest star on Nick Jr.'s Mutt & Stuff

Kids better get ready for Captain Otto, the bad-mannered pirate

11.18.15 - Princess Rap Battle
I play Harry Potter in Whitney Avalon's latest YouTube sensation: PRINCESS RAP BATTLE: Hermione vs. Katniss
Over 2 million views in 2 weeks

8.24.15 - FILM - On The Rocks
Just wrapped the feature On The Rocks!

8.04.15 - FILM - On The Rocks
Just started Day 1 of shooting the feature On The Rocks

6.26.15 - FILM - The Moleskin Diary
Just wrapped the feature The Moleskin Diary and a 15 day shoot in Winston Salem, NC

Rehearsing a scene with my co-star Shawn Pyfrom and the director Zach Brown, with our wonderful crew

5.12.15 & 5.13.15 - SUPER & ASSOCIATES
Had a fun time shooting Anna Akana's short SUPER & ASSOCIATES at the YouTube Space LA
Thanks to Anna for having me and Brad Gage


3.30.15 - SITCOM: The Sitcom
The pilot I star in, SITCOM: The Sitcom, is all done and looking amazing.  Now pitching time begins
Congratulations to Alex Kavutskiy, Ariel Gardner, and everyone at Harvest Studios on incredible work

11.08.14 - SITCOM: The Sitcom
Had the honor of playing the lead role in Alex Kavutskiy's incredibly hilarious sitcom pilot SITCOM: The Sitcom

11.07.14 - I'M SORRY SHOOT
Great time shooting Katherine Emily Mills short film "I'm Sorry"

Here's a pilot I shot called "Central City Television Festival"

10.09.14 - COMIC-CON NY
About to descend upon New York and Comic-Con with creator Evette Vargas to promote DARK PROPHET!

We will be signing copies of our DARK PROPHET Special Limited Edition Comic Book and previewing a 
virtual reality comic series featurette using DODOcase at booth #1568

Dark Prophet.. Comic Book.. Virtual Reality.. 
This is gonna be fun

9.04.14 - LOVE THAT GIRL
Made another appearance on LOVE THAT GIRL tonight in the episode Ain't That About A Snitch

8.25.14 - EMMY'S 2014
Attended the 2014 Emmy Award Ceremony & Governor's Ball with Evette Vargas

Our show DARK PROPHET was nominated for 2 Emmy's
Outstanding Original Interactive Program & Outstanding Multiplatform Storytelling

So proud of our whole DP team!


8.21.14 - LOVE THAT GIRL
Made an appearance on LOVE THAT GIRL tonight in the episode My Way or the Hallway
My next episode airs on September 4th, stay tuned..


1 Love that girl photo.png

Here's an epic 26-minute finale to the Channel101 show "Fishbowls Are Definitely My Thing"


My first producing endeavor, INSIDER TRAINING

4.07.14 - Comedy Short
Played a "Sexy Jesus Type" Cult Leader
in Georgie Guinane's comedy short


3.31.14 - TEDx
Shot a funny TEDx parody


3.27.14 - CHANNEL101
Shot the finale of AEGIS recently
4 hours of make up to play the Alien Leader "Lord Nibraxus" and his minions

CLICK THE IMAGE to see the episode.



2.25.14 - PHOTOS
Shot some photos today
Here's one

02.18.14 - WEB SERIES
The Web Series AFFECTIO that I acted in was released today by the talented Emma Koenig & David Seger
Check out all four Chapters, but here are Chapters 2 & 4 that I'm in

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

2.09.14 - COMIC BOOK
Check out the cover of our new Dark Prophet Comic Book

1 comic book hero.png

1.19.14 - DARK PROPHET
Dark Prophet was a huge success as an Official Selection at the Indie Lounge at Sundance 2014
Check out the awesome BiteSizeTV Interview here

12.27.13 - MUSIC VIDEO
Shot a killer 6 minute drum solo